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HBRD Studio is innovating the F&B and Wellness Industries, one brand at a time. Our holistic services mostly fall into the service categories below. Don't see what you're looking for? Please contact us with your unique inquiry, and we'll be happy to discuss.
Green Powder

Product Formulation

We develop new product formulations, optimizing for flavor, texture, scent, color, shape and experience.

Industrial Process, image by Crystal Kwok

Food Waste Reduction

Responsible solutions to optimize process and maximize profit giving your brand sustainable edge.




We troubleshoot quality issues as you scale. We facilitate labeling, testing and certification processes.

Soft Drink Cans_edited.jpg

Food & Beverage Processing

From benchtop to process development to scale, we create complete CPG commercialization strategies

upcycled food by okeykat

Upcycled Ingredients

Closed loop strategies to reduce waste and save cost while creating a more sustainable future.

Fish Dish

Foodservice Innovation

Empowering you from concept to method to operation, whether QRS, fast casual or fine dining.

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